As of 2017 Fjúk is no longer active due to the increasing pressure put upon the space by the town and local business wishing to use the space for commercial activity. In addition, as a result of the impact of the building of a silicon plant nearby and ever-increasing mass tourism in the village, the extreme pressures on local housing made the residency no longer sustainable.

To apply, please send separate pdfs to fjukartcentre (at) with your
• Curriculum Vitae
• Project proposal for the residency period (250 words or less)
• Up to 10 examples of previous works.
(If sending video work, please use Vimeo/Youtube links)
• Date of birth, nationality, web address, accommodation preference, and preferred dates of residency.

We welcome all kinds of proposals, from all different backgrounds. Some may take inspiration from the local wildlife and nature, while others may be interested in creating something with a less direct influence from the surroundings. We are open to applicants who wish to stay for one to six months. Less than one month is not possible, for legal reasons.

Once a month we have open studios for the local community to see the work being done by artists at the centre. During your stay, it is also encouraged to hold workshops, talks, or school presentations.