The Fjúk Shop stocks work by previous artists-in-residence and artists in the local studios. Current stock including zines, prints, multiples and a range of designer souvenirs by Design Factory including 3D whale skeletons. To buy work, just send us a mail on


   Rory Hamovit
   Untitled photo zines - 1000ISK


   Rory Hamovit
   Men of Science - 800ISK


   Nick White
   Stuff I Found - 1000ISK


   Sam Rees
   Black Shudder- 1000ISK


   Nick White
   Untitled collage zine - 1000ISK


   Nick White
   Whale Tails - 1000ISK


   Nick White
   Never Show Knees - 1000ISK


Pam Flett - Gumming up the works


Marina Rees - Various zines - 1600ISK


  A3 risograph prints by Marina Rees - 3000ISK


A3 risograph prints by Nick White - 3000ISK