Fjúk Arts Centre was a non-profit venture in the old fishermen´s baiting rooms of Husavik harbour.

Fjúk was comprised of three spaces altogether. The first space for local creatives and freelancers, with a tech lab at the back, hosting a lasercutter, 3D printer and microcontrollers. The second space for the public, with a small museum, gallery, shop and cinema/events area. The third space for temporary exhibitions and the artists in residence.

Through selected exhibitions, films, events, workshops and talks, Fjuk aimed to challenge set ways of seeing and thinking, to provoke reflection and debate, and to inspire experimentation and creativity in the local region.

Fjúk Arts Centre was founded in 2013 by a group of local creatives including Arnhildur Pálmadóttir (architect), Sam Rees (artist), and Marina Rees (artist).